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Background & Policy context

FRAME-NET is a thematic network for ITS architecture. It is formed around the European ITS Framework Architecture. It is focused on enhancing the implementation of ITS in Europe, the interoperability of systems and international continuity of services through the use of the Framework Architecture, which is already extending its influence to national and other architecture deployments.


The network is centred on dissemination, working groups and clustering activities and will closely co-operate with related activities in Europe. It will give guidance to users and co-ordinate on-going activities involving the Framework. Dissemination includes fora, website, the organisation of workshops including the Eastern European countries. Working Groups will address topics related to the deployment, use and evolution of the Framework Architecture and include validation and impact assessment. A liaison with the USA and Japan will be established. An acceptance group of the member states will be formed for strategic guidance and endorsement. All Member States of the EU can participate, even if they join in later. Objectives: The prime objective of FRAME-NET is to co-ordinate and encourage the wide-scale implementation of ITS in Europe through the deployment of the European ITS Framework Architecture.


The aim of this Thematic Network is to provide a focal point for confrontation and co-ordination of ITS architecture-related activities in the whole of Europe. The Framework Architecture was developed by the KAREN project in response to the need for a single reference platform in Europe, which would provide a basis for the development of ITS products and services. A number of national authorities have since started to develop their own national ITS framework architectures, and are adapting KAREN to their own needs. In implementing the Framework, individual countries and users will tend to adopt their own priorities and make their own decisions on investment. In this context, FRAME-NET plays an important role in providing technical guidance, and overall co-ordination to ensure coherence at the European level.


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The network helps maintain the momentum previously created and encourage wider use of the Framework Architecture. The intention is that through the activities of FRAME-NET, all actors involved in ITS architecture-related activities will interact with each other to exchange knowledge and exploit accumulated experience. This will enable solutions to be found and a common approach adopted. The Thematic Network will help to achieve this objective by co-ordinating on-going activities concerning the Framework, and by providing a forum for dissemination and concertation. The Network will also serve as a democratic means for the member states to protect the stability of the European ITS Framework Architecture.

Technical Implications

The deployment of the European framework architecture which results in coordination of ITS architectures through Europe. Reports produced.
3 user fora will be organised, eastern European countries being invited.
2 brochures will be produced and a new issue of the Framework Architecture on CD-ROM.
A management brochure on architecture will be produced with the FRAME-T project.
Regular newsletters will appear and presentations given at relevant occasions.
A website will be opened and maintained.


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