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Framework cooperativo per l’infomobilità intermodale interregionale delle persone

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The project 3i addresses the problem of accessibility simply trying to promote regional integrated mobility (inter) of the areas concerned with regard to intermodal transport (private mobility and public transport) of persons (citizens/general user). Systems and services produced in the future with 3i will be made available on the territory of cooperation. The project aims to create the basis for cooperation in the future information infrastructure for the mobility, which facilitates the movement of people into a strong logic of integration and intermodality; through integration between different modes of transport (private vehicles, bus, ship, plane, train), will be reduced travel time and unnecessary journeys.We want to involve all the actors who act in the process of mobility management. We recognize three basic categories: supplier (holders of information: the PA, which typically issue orders on the accessibility conditions of the road network), managers (actions of those responsible for processing the basic information provided by the supplier, typically the regional administrations) , users (among the latter are all citizens / users of the regions concerned and the various organizations involved in the process). The main activities and tasks planned to achieve the general objective stated above can be summarized as follows:

  • In-depth study of the cooperation area in terms of accessibility and territorial conditions of supply and demand for mobility.
  • Design and development of systems for communication with users of mobility within the area of interest and for the management and analysis of the application.
  • Define a governance model and business architecture for ITS services.


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2007 - 2013 Italy - France Maritime (IT-FR)


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EU Contribution


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