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Freight Quality Partnerships

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Background & Policy context

This project will produce, design and print two publications:

  • Good Practice Guide, a framework for establishing Freight Quality Partnerships (FQPs)
  • Case studies, highlighting examples of best practice across a range of FQPs

These publications will reflect the format, style and approach of other Best Practice programme material.


The specific objective is to encourage and facilitate the various stakeholders to develop, implement and manage Freight Quality Partnerships.


Following the publication of the Government's Sustainable Distribution Strategy in March 1999, the Department has been working in partnership with the industry, local government and the wider community. Working together, the aim is to promote a distribution system which promotes the economic growth, whilst minimising the social and environmental impact of distribution networks.


Application of the results will be through helping the various stakeholders develop and implement more FQPs. Particular examples of what FQPs can achieve include agreements on routing, load sharing and town centre access. These can help to reduce congestion, emissions and the number of vehicles in and around an urban centre. FQPs can equally help improve the efficiency of freight distribution in rural areas. These improvements will all contribute to achieving the 0.7 million tonnes of carbon saving by 2010 attributed to the wider sustainable distribution policy and detailed in the Ten Year Plan.


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