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Freight transport in Upper Austria» automated – connected – mobile


Freight transport in Upper Austria» automated – connected – mobile
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Gütertransport in Oberösterreich » automatisiert – vernetzt – mobil

Background & policy context: 

Today's planning of tomorrow's mobility focuses on automated and connected driving. Four questions are of special importance for Austria:

  • How will automated driving change the Austrian traffic system?
  • What are the requirements for a future (also digital) infrastructure to implement automated driving?
  • How can reliability and safety of new systems and technologies be ensured?
  • How can Austria secure and expand its existing strong automotive supplier industry and ICT-industry to maintain international competitiveness?

The project DigiTrans has the goal to create a test region for automated and connected driving. The test region will be located in the upper centre of Austria, in the triangle Wels - Linz - Steyr and address the requirements from industry and manufacturing in a sustainable and effective user-centred fashion. Following initial project cases of application have already been identified upfront:

  • Scenarios for the transfer of control for transport vehicles from automated driving to manual driving within the test region Austria-North (automated driving, entering and exiting a highway onto a secondary road net or business premises).
  • Analysing of transshipment processes for transferring loads from transport vehicles onto special purpose vehicles for operations near business premises.
  • Automated routing of special vehicles within business premises (e.g. harbour, airport).
  • Demand-oriented use of automated solutions for city logistics (e.g. last-mile transportation, supply- and disposal-services, road maintenance etc.).

On the basis of these cases of applications, DigiTrans optimizes mobility of goods by:

  • Offering a testing track for service providers with goods: The track is open for all car manufactures and service providers to establish new mobility concepts with assisted and self-driving vehicles. Specifically, the testing track allows eliciting the requirements for successful integration of new and automated solutions.
  • Development of a testing infrastructure: Infrastructure and service-operators along with partners of the Initiative Connected Mobility will develop a testing region for automated driving to evolve and validate new approaches of automated driving.
  • Cases of applications for freight and logistics: the test region allows long and short-haul transportation to meet the needs of transport and logistic services at a new level of quality and thereby achieve competitive benefits compared to other regions.
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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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Teststrecken für automatisiertes Fahren 2016 - Sondierung
Lead Organisation: 

Business Upper Austria-Oo Wirtschaftsagentur Gmbh

Hafenstraße 47-51
4020 Linz
Partner Organisations: 

Ait- Austrian Institute Of Technology Gmbh

Donau-City-Strasse 1
1210 WIEN

Fh Oo Forschungs & Entwicklungs Gmbh

4600 WELS

Iesta - Institut Fur Innovative Energie & Stoffaustauschsysteme

8010 GRAZ
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