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Further implementation and improvement of cycling audits in EU cities and regions, training of certified auditors and continuous exchange of knowledge on cycling policy

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Background & Policy context

BYPAD (Bicycle Policy Audit) is an instrument for the evaluation of local and regional cycling policy and improvement of its quality. BYPAD has been applied and developed continuously since 1999, with the support of the European Commission. Since then, BYPAD has become a European quality standard for cycling policy and a vital European network.

BYPAD was developed in a former SAVE project. The platform safeguards its high quality by updating the audit method, by training qualified auditors and by offering a quality label.

The BYPAD-platform guarantees the exchange of experiences and good practices in cycling policies. It aims to expand the BYPAD-network to the new EU countries and aims to train new auditors. The BYPAD method will also be adapted for regions (large metropolitan districts, counties, provinces) and for small towns.


The main objective of BYPAD Platform is to provide more and better cycling audits in EU cities and regions, training of certified auditors as well as exchange of knowledge on cycling policy.

The expected benefits of the project include:

  • An international network of BYPAD-auditors (consultants, universities), cities and regions;
  • Exchange of experience on cycling policy between at least 80 EU-cities and 35 EU-regions;
  • Training provided to at least 10 new BYPAD-auditors in new BYPAD-countries such as Spain, Greece and the new EU member states;
  • Implementing auditing techniques / total quality management in sustainable transport planning; and
  • Achieving an increase in cycling and a decrease in private car use.

As BYPAD is no longer limited to cities and agglomerations, towns and regions can also apply for an audit. For each target group there is a different method with an adapted questionnaire.

The entire quality chain consists of 9 modules which altogether ensure a balanced cycling policy. Each module gives a separate quality score. The scores from all modules reflect the quality level of the cycling policy in a town, city or region. Based on this quality score a bicycle action plan is prepared.

BYPAD auditors are consultants, staff members from universities or institutes who know the local, regional and national cycling context. As neutral process supervisors, they will guide the cities and regions to implement BYPAD and to develop a BYPAD Action Plan. So far the Platform involves BYPAD auditors in 21 countries.

The training, given by members of the core consortium and external experts, will cover topics such as the history of BYPAD (needs and benefits), the use of the BYPAD manual (background information, questionnaire, BYPAD Plan), the use of the website, exchange best practices, how to moderate discussions, etc. The aim of the training is to become a certified BYPAD auditor (licensed for 2,5 years). As such, the trained auditor receives the tools to do the audits (questionnaire, website, best practise examples and communication strategies), keeps up-to-date on the cycling policy in European cities and is part of the BYPAD Platform.

BYPAD has already been carried out by over 100 cities and regions in 20 countries.

34 BYPAD auditors from 20 different EU countries have been trained and certified in order to guide the towns, cities and regions to implement BYPAD.

After the implementation of the audit all cities and regions receive from their national auditor the official BYPAD certificate together with a bicycle action plan.

Examples of good practices are exchanged and spread through the good-practice database and/or the BYPAD-newsletter.

BYPAD regional workshops and international seminars ensure regular and intensive exchange of information between the BYPAD auditors, towns, cities and regions and all those active/interested in the field of cycling policy.


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