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The overall objective of the Action is to foster the LNG deployment as alternative transport fuel along Italian Corridors of the Core Network. The Action, which is deployed along the Scan-Med Corridor, consists of a study with pilot deployment of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) solutions in Italy to contribute to the decarbonisation of road transport through transition to innovative and sustainable technologies.

A network of L-CNG filling stations will be established overcoming the lack of infrastructure, in line with National Policy Framework requirements. The Action consists in the realisation of 6 L-CNG refuelling stations and the deployment of innovative LNG-based solutions and mobile infrastructure for the development of a logistic chain, including:

  • the creation of a supply chain of 18 multimodal cryogenic ISO-containers;
  • the realisation of Hub safety zones for cryogenic ISO-container in 3 multi-modal inland terminals;
  • the set-up of a fleet of LNG heavy duty vehicles. Land-based LNG network real life trials and business plan will be realised.

The Action includes the production of guidelines and models for Bio-LNG use and real-life tests. A skills building platform will be established to properly operate the pilots developed.

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Ministero Delle Infrastrutture E Dei Trasporti Dg Vptm

Viale Dell'arte, 16
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