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Grupo Ruiz Clean Bus Fleet

Grupo Ruiz Clean Bus Fleet

Background & policy context: 

This Action is part of a wider project implemented by Grupo Ruiz and aiming at fostering the use of alternative fuels for the buses operating under public service contracts in different locations in Spain.


More specifically, the goal is:

  1. To purchase and put in circulation 141 CNG buses in six Spanish cities (Leganés, Mallorca, Madrid, Murcia, Salamanca and Toledo)
  2. To purchase and put in circulation 17 electric buses in Badajoz and in Mallorca
  3. To provide for two fast-charging points, one in the charging station of Palma de Mallorca and one in the charging station of Alcudia (Mallorca)

The CNG and electric buses will enter gradually into operation as from 2020, and their use will significantly contribute to reduce GHG emissions from public transport.

The electric buses also bring a very significant reduction of GHG emissions. During low touristic season, the electric buses will be charged at 100% by solar energy. During high season electricity will be produced by a mix of renewable and non-renewable energy. This will allow to maximise the positive effects of the use of electric buses for the environment. In addition, as the electric buses are also much quieter than a traditional bus, their use will contribute to reducing noise emissions.

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Empresa Martin SA

Calle Torres Quevedo, 3,
28914 Madrid
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