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Guiding principles of sustainable mobility



Guiding principles of sustainable mobility
Original Language Title: 
Leitvorstellungen der nachhaltigen Mobilität

Background & policy context: 

The project objective was  to draw up guiding principles of sustainable mobility as the basis for the coordination of transport planning. This study was worked out  in 3 phases:

1. Review of existing trends and target scenarios in the areas of transport, in terms of impacts on the functionality of the traffic systems, the space and the environment;

2. Examination of possible strategies to maintain the functionality and optimizing the transport system;

3. Introduction of a "mobility dialogue" as a basis for long-term problem solutions and actions with a view to sustainable development of transport.


The main objective is to provide information on

  • In what areas (agglomeration areas, roads), the functionality of the transport system is threatened by the development of transport;
  • What effects these results in regional development, the development of the settlement and the environment.

Planned outcomes:

Cartographic presentation of road projects (Perimeter Total Switzerland, for 2020) that have been quaking in planning work of Rail 2000 2nd stage of the cantons.

Settlement perspectives: scenarios for the development of settlement in Switzerland 1998 / 99-2020, Technical report, containing information on the regional distribution of population and jobs in 2020, according to the trend and development for an alternative scenario of sustainable development.

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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Funding Source(s): 

Federal Office of Spatial Development, Ittigen, CH-3003 Bern

Contact Name: 
Cattaneo Pietro
Federal Office of Spatial Development
Worblentalstrasse 66, Ittigen
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+41 (0) 31 324 14 48