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H2Bus Europe

H2Bus Europe


The general objective of the Action is to support the commercial rollout of hydrogen as alternative fuel, both through hydrogen supply and fuel cell buses. It will implement the innovative large-scale hydrogen refuelling networks with an associated captive fleet of 605 fuel cell buses in daily services of varying type, grouped in three regional clusters to create sufficient demand. The Action will deploy 3 hydrogen logistic centres one in Denmark, United Kingdom and Latvia. Each hydrogen logistic centre will serve a number of hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) through tube trailers. The hydrogen refuelling stations will be deployed on core urban nodes along the Scandinavian-Mediterranean (2 Copenhagen, Denmark), North-Sea Baltic (3 in Riga, Latvia), and North-Sea Mediterranean (4 in the UK in London and Oxford) corridors. The Action is part of a wider project aiming at fostering the use of hydrogen as fuel for road transport. It builds on other projects funded by CEF programme and by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). Over the lifetime of the deployed buses, an estimated 116,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduction will be achieved.

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Denmark, Latvia, United Kingdom
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Everfuel Europe A/s

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