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The Helsinki Multimodal Urban Node

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Background & Policy context

The Helsinki Airport is reaching the “Large Scale Airports” capacity problems on land side traffic connections. The number of passengers is estimated to increase by 40 % until 2025. As the traffic increases, the connections of the Helsinki multimodal urban node become very congested, unless the links between different transport modes and the capacity of the platforms and terminals of the bus, taxi and train traffic and the airport are improved. 


The aim of the project is that all passengers can arrive at the node travel via the new Travel Centre.

The Travel Centre aims at removing the above bottlenecks and ensuring smooth last mile connections for passengers. The objective of the study is to develop optimum and seamless multimodal transport connection between the TEN-T long distance, urban and airport traffic. This enables the cost-efficient and fluent integration of urban public traffic and long-distance traffic (railway, buses, ferry traffic to/from Estonia) at the airport terminal area and removes a bottleneck between flight and train/bus traffic and creates links between and within different transport modes.


The proposed action consists of the organisation and management of the design competition, the preliminary planning, as well as the detailed planning and design of the Travel Centre. It will therefore ensure maturity of the investment and will allow its further implementation.

The action is located in the intersection of two corridors: the Mediterranean–Scandinavian corridor and the North Sea–Baltic corridor, serving as a connection between Helsinki Airport, the city centre and Helsinki’s harbours.


Funding Source
Finavia Corporation


Lead Organisation
EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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