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Helsinki-Tallinn Transport and Planning Scenarios

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In Estonia and in Finland the closer integration of the countries is seen important to support competitiveness of the sparsely populated area. The Helsinki-Tallinn twin-city region (HTTCR) is seen as the driver of integration due to proximity of the capitals. Despite vision documents created in all political levels, the region is not yet truly developed together.

The project will discuss the improvement needs of the HTTCR transport network in the viewpoint of business and officials planning the municipal services used by the mobile inhabitants of the region. It includes a mobility study to have correct information of mobility of people and goods in the region.

Though Helsinki-Tallinn (H-T) connections are generally considered good, they do not serve the needs of commuters and cargo transit throughout the year. The relative unreliability and seasonal variation of transport connections constitutes limitation for further regional integration.

Project will create 2-3 development scenarios, territorial impact assessment of regional transport system and related urban development opportunities. Territorial Impact Assessment (TIA) will provide a scoping of policy aims and objectives, analysis of likely scenarios, additional assessments of the mobility scenarios and identify strategy options of territorial policy.

The research will provide data for the planners to reduce further speculations on Helsinki-Tallinn transport connections and have a clear and coordinated strategy on future H-T transport system, including risks and growth potential related to transport system. Today there is no joint agreement of the transport development across the Finnish Gulf nor stakeholders’ needs analysis as for basis for planning decisions.

The project will create alternative transport strategies for the planning authorities and a visionary document elaborated as a ‘tool kit’ with strategic projects for the development of HTTCR. It will also provide concrete analysis and solutions on how to connect modes of transport in both cities, as a key problem in HTTCR transport system.It is directly linked to Rail Baltica (RB) feasibility study which the Baltic countries are carrying out on RB railway of European standard gauge.

The study covers evaluation of transport demand from a wide catchment area covering e.g. Finland and N-W Russia, recommended alignment and model of implementation. It is supposed to be completed by February 2011, thus providing its results as input for this project.


WP 1 coordination and management

WP 2 communication and dissemination

WP 3 creation of scenarios by academic project partners, mobility study, interviews of focus groups

WP 4 TIA assessment of scenarios by academic project partners, evaluation and feed back from focus groups

WP 5 discussion of implementation and selection of 3-5 strategic projects in the focus groups led by planning officials


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2007 - 2013 Central Baltic (FI-SE-EE-LA)


The H-TTransPlan project has developed a vision of the Helsinki-Tallinn twin-city region transport system, which authorities and other stakeholders on both sides of the Gulf can start to implement. During the project, the project partners were able to create development scenarios, carrying out territorial impact assessments of the regional transport system, and discovering related urban development opportunities. In order to provide decision-makers with up-to-date information, the project also carried out a mobility study, gathering information on the mobility of people and goods in the region.


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