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Hybrid supercharging system for engines with high downsizing

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Background & Policy context

The increasing pressure of regulations on emissions coupled with the imperatives of reducing the environmental footprint of vehicles, led all players in the automotive industry to seek solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. One of the solutions envisaged to reduce the consumption of the engines was reducing the cubic capacity of the engine (downsizing). However this capacity reduction cannot currently exceed a threshold of 30% without risk of degrading vehicle performance.


This project develops a solution to go further in the virtuous path of engines "downsizing". The proposed solution combines:

  • An electric air compressor (also called electric supercharger) supercharging the engine at low system in addition to a turbo-compressor
  • A hybridization system to promote the recovery of kinetic energy.

The project is divided into 6 lots shared between the partners aimed at:

  • The specification and development of the various components,
  • validation of all technologies by bench testing and by carrying out a demonstration vehicle, and
  • demonstration of the technical feasibility and economic competitiveness of evaluated solutions.


Work on the SURAL-HY project allowed the development of different technological components necessary for the extreme use of "downsizing" and "downspeeding":

  • AMESim LMS Simulation Platform
  • Turbo-compressor - Floor (Specific power 10kW / L)
  • Floor Compressor impeller for e-Supercharger (Fort pressure ratio of 1.7, reduced flow range de150kg / h)
  • Supervision laws for a couple of intake (Motor Services 'downsized' with level equivalent to the reference engine)
  • Optimized energy management laws(significantly Shrink electrical system (12V system))


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