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Hydrogen Purifying Unit and Filling Infrastructure


Hydrogen Purifying Unit and Filling Infrastructure


The overall objective of the Action is to eliminate or reduce the impact of the currently existing barriers to the development of the market for hydrogen as a transport fuel in Poland. These obstacles include: insufficient supply of hydrogen intended for the use in fuel cells, insufficient purity of hydrogen as well as non-existing market and lack of hydrogen fuelling infrastructure.

The Action aims to construct a Hydrogen Purification Unit (HPU) to produce 160 kg/h of hydrogen with associated hydrogen compression, storage and a refuelling station (CSD) in Gdansk, for the purpose of filling personal vehicles, buses and tube trailers together with the acquisition of two tube trailers with a capacity of at least 4,000 Nm3 (+/- 320kg) of hydrogen each. The Action also includes the construction of a public hydrogen refuelling point at an existing fuel station located along the TEN-T core network in Warsaw, for the purpose of filling passenger vehicles and buses.

The infrastructure will be located on Baltic-Adriatic and North Sea–Baltic Core Network corridors.

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Grupa Lotos S.a.

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