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Impact assessment of tasks in the Transport Development Guidelines 2021-2027 for the reduction of CO2 emissions and achievement of Latvian transport sector climate objectives

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Research objectives:
1) to carry out calculations and assess the achievement of climate objectives and forecasts in the transport sector, taking into account the measures included in the draft Transport Development Guidelines for the period 2021-2027 (hereinafter - TDG2027) and the funding available. Carry out an impact assessment on CO2 emissions in Latvia in the transport sector;
2) to carry out an assessment of the extent to which the measures included in TAP2027 have achieved the performance indicator for the reduction of GHG emissions by 28%, matched by National Energetic and Climate Plan for 2021-2030 (hereinafter- NECP2030) GHG emissions forecast report, and how TDG2027 provides a measure of NECP2030 (Cabinet Order No.46 adopted 4 February 2020) and the performance of the estimated forecast trajectory;
3) to assess the complementary contribution of planned TAP2027 measures to reduce air quality impacts.

1) to identify indicators representative of the measures to be implemented under TDG2027, which are further used for the calculation of CO2 emissions. Describe the main assumptions used to calculate CO2 and GHG emissions;
2) to provide a brief description of the methods used to assess CO2 emissions;
3) to calculate the savings of CO2 emissions by TDG2027 measures, as well as in general in the Latvian transport sector, under the following scenarios:
• TDG2027 measures scenario;
• scenario of TDG2027 measures with other additional conditions affecting the transport sector (measures/policies);
4) to assess the extent to which the measures included in TDG2027 achieve the performance target of 28% GHG emission reduction, which is aligned with the NECP2030 GHG emission forecast report, and how TDG2027 ensures the fulfillment the calculated projections of the measures included in NECP2030;
5) to identify measures with synergies and negative responses to CO2 change in the transport sector;
6) and, where possible, identify complementary effects of TDG2027 measures (impact on air pollutant emissions - NOx and PM2.5).


Funding Source
Ministry of Transport Republic of Latvia


The result of the research was an evaluation report, which reflects the results of the work, including:
1) CO2 savings (reduction) in the field of transport for the years 2023 and 2027 determined by the TDG2027 measures; 
2) complementary effects determined by TDG2027 measures; 
3) binding annexes, including the information, data used in the calculations and assumptions on the basis of which the reflected analysis has been performed and conclusions drawn;
4) a brief overview of the methodology used.


Lead Organisation
Ministry of Transport Republic of Latvia
Gogoļa Street 3, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
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