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Impacts of the European electronic toll service on Switzerland

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Background & Policy context

The project is part of the research package on mobility pricing and investigates the European dimension of road pricing as one specific implementation of mobility pricing. Mobility pricing is the generic term for the charging of services in the transport domain according to the costs caused by the user. Besides road pricing (being the fee collection for the use of the road infrastructure as a means to finance new roads and to improve the traffic management) it includes, the collection of parking fees and the fare collection in public transport on the roads. The directive 2004/52/EC on the interoperability of systems for electronic fee collection, enforced by the EU, with its restriction of the technologies to be used for this purpose and with its request for a European electronic toll service, is expected to have a major impact on road pricing in Switzerland in the future. The research team deals with the development and standardization of road pricing systems since 1996 and intensely participates in the development of the European electronic toll service in the framework of various projects. This guarantees a well-focussed and efficient management of the project.


The project shall collect the Swiss requirements on the European electronic toll service and shall investigate how the documents, specifying this toll service, especially the standards on interoperability to be established by ISO/CEN, can be integrated into the Swiss standardization programme.


Various suitable methods were used for the project tasks. We can mention literature reviews, expert interviews (non-structured interviews), modelling, failure analysis for risk assessment and workshops with other projects.


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Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO / ASTRA / OFROU)
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The research project has the following key results:

  • List of applications of the European Electronic Toll Service and of the European electronic vehicle identification for possible usage as revenue collection systems in Switzerland
  • List of the requirements of Swiss revenue collection systems at the European electronic toll service
  • Recommendations on how to proceed with regard to European electronic toll service and the acquisition of ISO / CEN standards into Swiss Standards
  • Presentation of the perspectives of toll services with Galileo

Policy implications

The research project reflects a need for action concerning a European electronic toll service. It is comprehensive and its recommendations can be implemented directly by the competent authorities. Reflects the EU directive 2004/52/EC "Interoperability directive".


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