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Importance of mobility pricing implementation tests (VSS2005/913)

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The question of introducing Mobility Pricing in Switzerland is highly relevant ever since its spectacular implementation in London or the pilot project in Stockholm in 2006. The aim of the research VSS 2005/913 is to study the advisability of carrying out a pilot project of this kind in Switzerland. 


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Realization of a pilot-project

The process of realizing a pilot-project involves several stages which begin by the choice of scenario and type of trial, and then of a site. The definition of the project will give an indication of the indispensable different elements to be assembled. A management committee follows this particularly important stage. Communication is permanent during the process.

The setting up then precedes the pilot-project. Analysis of the indicators and surveys carried out before and during the trial will enable recommendations to be made as to whether or not the system which has been set up should be perpetuated. Limitations to carrying out such a trial are essentially political (setting up a procedure which does not exist in Switzerland) and legal, since the federal constitution does not permit taxes for use of the roads. A modification of the Constitution would therefore be necessary.

Conclusion and recommendation

The pilot projects for urban tolls carried out in Europe give comparable results and can be transposed into Switzerland. Only the aspects concerning the behaviour of the Swiss population and the global factors which have not yet been examined would necessitate a pilot-project in Switzerland. It is therefore recommended to carry out a pilot project of the "sample" type (more feasible than one in real-life conditions) with the scenario of a kilometre toll (Swiss territory) which would allow for experimenting the different aspects of Mobility Pricing.


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