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Improvement of the public transport system by purchasing of modern rolling stock along with the necessary infrastructure improvement in the City Transport - Płock

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The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of public transport services operated by the public transport operator - Plock Sp. z o.o.  with a high level of security of urban transport. Implementation of the project contributes to change of transport preferences by encouraging to use public transport services. As a result, it will decrease the share of individual transport.

  • The project has following phases:
  • Task 1
  • Purchasing of 15 new, modern buses for public transport.
  • Task 2
  • Broadening the scope of ticketing system operation based on electronic ticketing system.
  • Task 3
  • Implementation of sound information for 45 pcs of buses.
  • Task 4
  • Installing monitoring interchange. Under this task a video surveillance will be installed, which will cover the area of ​​interchange located at ul. Jachowicza 40 in Plock.


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The key result of the project is the contract with a total value of PLN 16,814,100 for the supply of buses in the following specifications:

  • 10 buses of 12 meters
  • 5 buses with a length of 18 meters

All buses are low-floor along the entire length with the adaptation to the transport of disabled persons and have space enough for the wheelchair restraint. In each of them there is a button on the side wall, within reach of a disabled passenger, allowing the passenger to signal the intention to drop-off and the related need to leave the ramp. All buses are equipped with a monitoring system that allows to monitor internal and external logging events in the passenger compartment in the form of digital data logger for cooperating with video cameras. In each bus there are ticket machines to purchase tickets. Also new sound system can initiate passenger information from the remote control, which shall inform the poorly sighted passengers of the oncoming bus. Passenger seats are modular, ergonomically designed, and are lined with a soft cloth upholstery on the seats and insert basis, will have the possibility of easy assembly and disassembly. Vehicles are equipped with air conditioning. Automatic air conditioning of the passenger compartment and the driver's seat with the ability to work independently allows to everyone to travel in comfort. Carpeted floor is non-slip.

All vehicles are equipped with engines that meet a minimum standard Euro 5 pollution and automatic transmission. Ten buses have adapted motors that enable  also fuelling them by biofuel. Economical engines meet the highest environmental standards will contribute to greater care environment.


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