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Improvement of road self-explaining performance through horizontal alignment optimization

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Background & Policy context

Consistent road horizontal alignment is one of novel approaches to safe road design; however currently it is rather a virtual concept. In order to be able to apply it in practice, the amount of consistency needs to be quantified.


The project will develop the background tools which are necessary for practical realization of consistent road concept. It will contribute to road safety improvement through reducing the speed and socio-economical losses.

In the project position and inertial data of large vehicle fleet from the whole Czech Republic will be used in order to develop a national speed model. It will be used to identify which road sections are acceptable in terms of consistent driving and which are not. This identification enables, among others, to focus road safety treatments only on unsafe curves. Compared to costly road section treatments, such local treatment will be more cost-effective.



The project objectives will be reached through several partial objectives in the following project parts:
Part 1 - Data collection, methodology preparation (08-12/2014) - data collection, preparation for analysis, preparation of analysis methodology.
Part 2 - Data analysis, identification of critical spots (01-07/2015) - segmentation of road network, assignment of road accident data, evaluation of consistency, identification of critical spots.
Part 3 - Preparation of guidelines (08-12/2015) - summarization of methodology, preparation of guidelines
Part 4 - Finalization of final outputs (01-07/2016) - development of web map portal and specialized map, finalization of guidelines and review, certification of guidelines.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


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