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Improvement of safety and reliability of electric energy sources for means of transport

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STRIA Roadmaps
Transport electrification (ELT)
Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)



The aim of the project is to increase the safety and reliability of battery boxes for vehicles so that they can primarily meet the requirements of the new directive ECE 100.02. They will also be significantly improved with functional characteristics of the battery compartment, so to meet the demanding test criteria that will be newly created on the basis of measured driving tests. This test procedure is stricter than the Directive ECE, thus ensuring high reliability and safety of the battery boxes. Utility characteristics of the battery box will be improved in a number of characteristics, always in relation to the production technology and the competitiveness of the final product on the market.

The main improvements of use properties will include active temperature management, suitable for both standard (High Energy) battery boxes, as well as quick (High Power) battery boxes suitable for transport. Finally, the project will also address the environmental aspects of the life cycle of the battery cells, modules and battery boxes. Economic benefits of research projects lies in the fact that due to the need of  meeting high safety standards  it will be allowed to export battery boxes for vehicles mainly for the European market, which is from the perspective of electromobility very significant. 


The aim of the project will be achieved through the  applied research and experimental development in the design and manufacture of 3 pieces of functional samples (2 x battery module and 1x baterry box) to be subjected to rigorous testing. While the second and third sample represents a functional design and technological advanced variants that capitalizes lessons learned from previous functional samples.


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Research agency
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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


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EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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