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Improvement of urban environmental quality by a city-logistics system with integrated decentralized goods distribution centres as interface between European transport flows

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City Logistcs LIFE94 ENV/D/000056
STRIA Roadmaps
Network and traffic management systems (NTM)
Transport policies
Societal/Economic issues,
Environmental/Emissions aspects,
Transport sectors
Freight transport


Background & Policy context

The intention of the project is to develop a city-logistics concept in which all participants in supply and waste disposal take part. The concept is based on the condition that all participants voluntarily use software, which has still to be developed during the course of this pilot project. The city-logistics manager co-ordinates transport between short- and long-distance traffic as well as between the transport means of road and rail. The role of the logistics manager is also to interface software that is currently used. This is a fast way to build up a high complex system for all means of transport that also include, for example, optimising rail shunting processes. The complexity of this project requires a team which has experience in the broad range of basic and practical research and includes systems specialists and users.


The aims of the project are twofold: 1) the comprehensive fine-tuning of the supply and waste disposal logistics within the city of Duisburg (considering economic aspects and the goal to reduce environmental damage caused by transport) 2) to show that it is possible, via a telematic network, to create logistics that meet the requirements of reducing and even avoiding traffic, and even to change to environmentally acceptable traffic means.


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