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Increase of traffic safety using the vehicle cooperative systems ensuring the vehicle communication with other vehicles or the intelligent transport infrastructure

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STRIA Roadmaps
Connected and automated transport (CAT)
Network and traffic management systems (NTM)
Transport policies



The project goal is to propose, validate and develop new complex measures, propose and create legislation framework and standards for the technically and economically balanced and internationally interoperable solution leading towards the increase of traffic safety by using of cooperative systems.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Public (national/regional/local)


Results are grouped according to their individual sub-type that match the structure proposed in the methodology of the project.

All the results were in the course of their development continuously consulted with MoT ČR, who was the originator of this project to solve their needs, and the user thereof.

These are the project results: 

  • Legislative recommendations related to the introduction of the co-operative ITS in the Czech Republic: there were the legislation recommendation created as a part of the project focusing on both existing and newly proposed documents with relation to the particular aspects of the C-ITS problematic.
  • Non-legislative recommendations related to the introduction of the co-operative ITS in the Czech Republic: there were the non-legislation recommendation created as a part of the project related to particular steps leading towards the conceptual introduction of the C-ITS in the Czech Republic. Recommendations were dealing with several perspectives of the C-ITS problematic e.g. implementation, conceptula developmnet, organizational issues, etc.
  • Functional sample of the C-ITS system from the safety area: there was functional sample of the C-ITS system from the safety area developed as a part of the project. It was dedicated to verify the basic principals functionality and consisted of following SW and HW parts: - in-vehicle equipment (communication unit with internal logic and HMI) - software components related to the server part of the system (back-end) - represented by server of the safety applications provider - road infrastructure equipment
  • Methodology for the implementation of cooperative intelligent transport systems in the Czech Republic: the methodology focuses on the specification of the assumptions and conditions that are necessary to ensure the successful implementation of cooperative ITS systems in the Czech Republic, both from a technical, process oriented and organizational perspective.
  • Testing of the safety C-ITS applications under the real conditions: the on field testing of the safety C-ITS applications was based on the agreement with the Police department and coordinated with the traffic management centre of Prague Ring Road in Rudná. Test objective was to measure the C-ITS telecommunication environment performance (3G/5,9GHz - IEEE 802.11p and IEEE 802.11g) during the usage of standardized C-ITES protocols (DENM, CAM and FSAP).


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