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Increased passive safety of TL-ultralight aircraft

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Background & Policy context

The aircrafts from the category  UL and LSA have been passed thought dramatic improvements in aerodynamics, modern composite material application, and avionics systems in past twenty years. It seems that further innovations in above mentioned topics do not produce further profits, market stimulation and advantage in competitiveness. The passive safety of passengers has not been developed yet at this aircraft category.


The main goal of project is the ncrease of passive safety of small aircrafts which belonging to category UL and LSA produced by TL-Ultralight s.r.o..

The crucial aims are:

  1. Design of a devices for head protection
  2. Design of a devices for spinal column protection
  3. Protection against penetration of surrounding part of structure into the cockpit 

According to the project objectives there were set also the workpackages:

1. Design of a devices for head protection

This work package contains improvement of head protection on the level of automotive industry. The HIC (Head Injury Criterion) will be assumed as relevant comparable value. The risk of head injury will be compare according to risk of impact with surrounding structure. Furthermore the work will include the installation of airbags and retractable seat belts which maintain the pilot in proper position.

2.Design of a devices for spinal column protection

The other target is focused on increasing of protection against spinal column injury which will be comparable with CS-23 regulation requirements. The crash deformable cell will be installed under seat. The aircraft seats are integral part of fuselage cockpit.

3. Protection against penetration of surrounding part of structure into the cockpit 

The workpackage contains the cockpit structure development with enhanced protection against penetration of surrounding structural parts and maintain of integrity during the crash. The critical parts prone to penetration are engine and landing gears.

The project will lead to creation of general design guidelines and recommendation for the theoretical experimental analyses. The guidelines will be applicable for a design of safety cockpit of small aircrafts. 


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