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Increasing Passengers Passive Safety and Comfort in Railway Traffic

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The aim of the project is to design and produce functional double seat for long-distance and regional rail passenger's transport. The double seat will meet the revised parameters of British crash - test standards GM/RT2100 and will be addressed in the first phase for the UK market. This market is experiencing a boom in rail transport and very strong local liberalization of the railway market allows access to new suppliers.



Within the project will be created at least one utility model and one prototype, that are protected by law for protection of intellectual property. Project  will allow institutionalized cooperation between the private entity owning manufacturing know -how and the public research organisation, owning theoretical know-how and the necessary infrastructure.

Excelence centre IT4Innovations - national supercomputing centre, its own highly efficient hardware (HW) called Cluster Anselm, as well as the latest software (SW). This modern HW and SW support to form a highly effective method of computer modelling, the key step for  development of double seat. The main purpose of modelling is the implementation of crash- tests according to test conditions in the experimental laboratory. Results of computer simulations carried out by finite element method (FEM), the verification of all required standardized biomechanical control values for dummy which simulates passenger. An equally important task is to control the static resistance systems of both new designs of double seat. Using the latest versions of SW - type High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions for dynamic problems as a crash- tests and nonlinear static cases are dramatically accelerate and optimize the mechanical design so as to successfully pass experimental tests by a certified laboratory.


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