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Indra HVDC Distribution system


Indra HVDC Distribution system

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The INIDIS proposal, presented by INDRA SISTEMAS, tries to answer, in the best way, the call JTI-CS2-2016-CFP04-SYS-03-07.The proposal is based on the prototype development for a new electrical power distribution system (or n-EPDS) to be placed in small aircraft and helicopters.

The main challenges of the project is to perform the main power distribution in HV (270Vdc) to gain advantages of this electrical characteristic in small aircraft (low-medium installed power). In order to improve the operability in this new EPDS, the traditional contactors will be replaced by new smart-contactors (E-HVContactor) and with high power solid state switching (HVHP-SSPC)s. Moreover, an additional challenge and linked with the evolution of the new switching devices, the EPDS will implement an intelligent power management function (or IPMS) that will be in charge to optimize power demand, power installed and load shedding.

The proposal is framed inside of the SYS-ITD of the CleanSky2 program, and at the end of the project, a dedicated prototype will be delivered to the topic manager rig test for integration activities and integration tests.

The project is based in 5 WPs (Definition and preliminary design, development, testing, opptimization and support of TM Rig tests and project management and dissemination).

Two prototypes and subassemblies will be manufactured for internal tests and for delivery to TM Rig Tests.

Although this is the Indra proposal, Indra will open to rework the proposal during the negotiation phase and specification availability according to the necessities of the topic manager and the SYS-ITD in general.

Indra has vast experience in the aeronautical sector. Indra is a consolidated and certified aeronautical supplier according to aeronautical and international standards with the capability and resources to perform activities of analysis, simulation, design, manufacturing, testing, qualification, certification support and customer/airline support (as mentioned in Part B.II).

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