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Influences on sound emissions in arches


Influences on sound emissions in arches
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Einflüsse auf Schallemissionen in Bögen


Curve squeal noise depends on different influence parameters. This study investigates the effect of rail lubrication systems and the influence of atmospheric conditions, vehicle types and wheel conditions.

For this purpose, two long-term measurements of the noise emissions and the atmospheric conditions in similar curves of the same track (one with and another without rail lubrication) will be carried out. Due to the use of an algorithm for automatic detection of curve squealing a huge pool of data will be available to obtain meaningful results. Based on statistical analysis, the frequency of curve squeal noise occurrence, dependencies of influencing parameters and an optimization of lubrication usage will be derived.

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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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Mobilität der Zukunft - VIF 2014
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Tu Wien - Verkehrswissenschaften

Gußhausstraße 28
1040 Wien
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Hy-Power Produktions Und Handels Gmbh

Hauptstraße 40
3021 Pressbaum

Psiacoustic Umweltforschung Und Engineering Gmbh

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1210 Wien
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