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Initial project – Bituminous mixture with low energetical and ecological impacts (VSS2008/502)

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Background & Policy context

After a completed knowledge updating over the last 10 years, in the field of bituminous mixtures with low impacts, different procedures with an important potential will be selected. The combinations between recycling and ecological asphalt mixes will be also treated, but always considering existing products from the current market; the development of new asphalt mixtures will not performed within this research project.

Then, a research project covering multiple aspects (mechanical, ecological, economical, energetically) will be detailed with the aim of assessing the preselected technologies and establish some recommendations through typologies, in order to reach a better utilization of environmental friendly technologies. This initial project will also contain the necessary documents for the further project and an evaluation of the associated costs.


The initial project aims at giving a detailed approach for an assessment of bituminous mixtures with low energetically and ecological impacts. Different aspects will be considered, in particular technical (mechanical performances, durability), economical and ecological, but practical as well through work health and safety. The project will also provide the necessary documents for the further research project and a complete evaluation of the associated costs.


The methodology consists of an update of knowledge and identification of needs or problems related to coated low-impact. In the second phase, a general synthesis and evaluation schedule will be developed.


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The production of bituminous mixture for asphalt pavements has significant energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  Large  savings  can  be  obtained  by  resorting  to  specific  techniques:  modification of the coating sequence, bitumen foaming through water introduction or control of the  water content, uses of waxes or chemical additives.

An inventory and a critical analysis of the techniques as well as the needs of the various stakeholders in terms of research have been carried out in this initial project. This permitted to establish the basis of a  vast research package that will treat following themes through dedicated specific researches: impacts  on  mixing  plants,  energy  and  ecological  assessment,  mix  design  and  performance  optimization,  durability and ageing, work safety (hygiene), demand and quality control. A global evaluation tool taking into account these various aspects will also be developed in order to provide a decision support. 

Research package consists in providing the scientific and technical basis for the promotion and a wider use of bituminous mixture with low energy and environmental impacts in Switzerland.  


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