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Innovative approaches in system of teaching management in the study program Railway transport with a focus on application the dynamic quality models in the railway transport

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Background & Policy context

The project enables innovation of the teaching management in the field of study Transport, study branch Railway transport, Department of Railway Transport, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications department of University of Žilina provides following subjects: Management in Railway Transport, Management 1, Management 2. These subjects are focused on application of managerial methods and approaches of quality management in conditions of railway transport.


At present, the railway undertakings seek new methods for assessing the quality of transport services that would contribute to ensuring a stable position in the competitive transport market. For innovative methods of assessing the quality of transport services can be considered also dynamic models that allow quality monitoring in the field of transport. These innovations also bring new requirements for theoretical knowledge and practical experience of graduates of the study program Railway transport.

The genuine output of the project will be monograph with multimedia support. This monograph is going to be designed for students of study program Railway transport as well as for specialists from practice and managers of transport companies who have been seeking solutions of service quality with regard to never ending and still growing demands of customers and changes in the transport market.

The other aim is the support of railway transport as an ecological type of transport which provides sustainable development in line with modern concepts of quality management.

Another output of the project will be a modified version of the monography in English language. This monography is going to be supported by multimedia processing on CD in the form of presentations with indicating case studies of solving deficiencies in the quality of services and their evaluation in practice. CD will also include software which will serve for showing in practice implemented outputs of quality monitoring by dynamic models, as well as different versions of models. The users will be able to modify these versions of models for specific needs of solving quality services in selected trains, sections and transport sessions. In this comprehensive form the study material will have unequivocal innovative character and it will enable link the theoretical knowledge with practice what is one of basic pillars of effective training in current time.


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Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
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Original result of the project is the implementation of new approaches for monitoring the quality of services in the case studies useful in teaching and in practical operation. The proposed dynamic models of service quality were put into practical operation in the interconnection of the current software, which in practice existed with software that has been designed within the project. A scientific monograph Dynamic models of quality services was created in Slovak language. An English monograph Evaluation of quality in railway transport, which serves as a support for teaching of foreign students, is useful for extraordinary circumstances. A software for modelling situations serves for raising the quality of services, quality assessment, detection, risk assessment and prioritization of service quality used in practical operation for dispatchers railway undertakings.


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