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INNovative thermoplastic transformation processes to produce a flange wheel in PAEK reinforced with short fibres


INNovative thermoplastic transformation processes to produce a flange wheel in PAEK reinforced with short fibres

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INN-PAEK will start the industrial production of the PAEK-based Flange Wheel for the electrical environmental control system by applying the 5Ms injection window process developed, validated and optimised by AITIIP over the last 25 years for transferring complex metallic parts to lightweight polymeric components.


The 5Ms injection window process starts modelling the bests solution, combining:

  • rheological, kinematic and mechanical simulation,
  • validation (coupons and specimens) tests, and
  • optimisation algorithms to select the optimal Material formulation and its transformation process as well as the Mould geometry and the required innovations.

In INN-PAEK, this process will be also based on the capacity of the additive manufacturing technologies to produce complex moulds that will modify its geometry during the transformation process to get properly adapted to complex geometries. Finally, the 5Ms injection window process includes destructive (mainly mechanical) and non-destructive (tomography) tests to check the right Manufacturing of the polymeric part, allowing to implement the required modifications in the mould and feeding the Machine learning phase, based on optimisation algorithms generated in previous research and innovation projects. The machine learning phase will also consider the information captured from the technician experience, the dedicated in-process sensors (rheological sprue) implemented in the injection machine and the LCA and LCC analysis of the final parts.

This process has been already successfully used by AITIIP with complex parts for automotive, urban furniture or medical applications among others. INN-PAEK will demonstrate the production of flange wheel with a cost reduction by 30%, a weight reduction by 40% that implies a CO2 emissions reduction by 30 during the operation phase as well as a 20% reduction during the manufacturing process.

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European Commission
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JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-SYS-02-62 Thermoplastic wheel for electrical Environmental Control System
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Fundacion Aitiip

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