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Instruments for sustainability in road planning at the local level (SVI 1999/138)

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Background & Policy context

The term "supply-oriented philosophy of planning" has been used in Switzerland for a few years and is cited in the latest norms and in the BUWAL - instructions for road planning and construction in areas with exceeding air loading. According to definition, the term "supply-oriented" describes a philosophy of planning which is oriented along the limits of the maximum stress caused by traffic, surroundings and environment and which centres the functionality, compatibility, and developmental margins.


The research work aims at consolidating, using and disseminating the new approach in road planning. Furthermore, the appliance of the BUWAL's instructions will be discussed, as well as the requirements for the training of transportation specialists.

On the one hand, the research work is based on an analysis of already realized or current projects, and on a review of well-known methodical basic principles. On the other hand, this research will fill up gaps with self-made surveys and it will verify presumptions.


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Association of Transportation Engineers
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The final report of the project is here:

There are four points to mention as results of the research:

  1. The formulation of a practical and useful methodology for the evaluation of projects which represent an all-inclusive and sustainable point of view:
  2. The documentation of seven case studies of realized redevelopments of local roads were the method of "supply-oriented" road planning was applied
  3. A method and criteria specific analysis of the case studies according to the new evaluation concept in order to identify the main elements of the "supply-oriented" road planning
  4. A list with proposals for a clear illustration of the results for the planners who are going to do problem analysis, impact analysis or simple evaluations of redevelopments.


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