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Integrated approach towards a traffic concept that is urban and environmentally compatible

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Mobil in Moabit LIFE95 ENV/D/000015
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Background & Policy context

The principle aim of the project is to achieve mobility management, an integrated transport approach for maximising the coherence between urban and environmental needs. As such, the specific aim of this project is to permanently reduce the number of private cars in rush-hour traffic. This is to be done by integrating various sets of transport measures and by including the relevant bodies involved in a joint problem solving process. Rush-hour traffic is a major problem for European conurbations: as commuters cause traffic peaks, and they also cause peaks in noise and air pollution.


During this project large enterprises located in an inner-city polluted area (Berlin-Tiergarten) are selected for the activities. The theory used is that it is possible to control commuter behaviour because rush-hours concentrate at the same time and in the same area. Employees of these selected companies are to be motivated towards more environmentally tolerable commuting patterns through a combination of positive and negative incentives. The project intends to use four central measures to do this:

  • Company mobility management element: job-ticket subsidies, transport-sharing co-operatives etc. 
  • Local public transport element: local public transport to be adapted and optimised to meet employees requirements 
  • Parking-space management element: cutting back or better management of public parking spaces in the project area 
  • Mobility management institutionalisation element: inter-departmental anchoring of traffic tolerability planning and administration. 

The project approach is based on a high level of participation by bodies involved in the demonstration area.


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