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Integrated Development Project of Passenger Transport and Intermodal Freight Transport in the Region of Northern Croatia

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The project will contribute to creating a sustainable, effective, safe and efficient transport system in the northern Croatian, which is characterized by a lack of cross connections, poor cycling infrastructure, uncontrolled growth of individual transport, unsatisfactory level of  public transport. The main objective is to develop the Master plan for the integrated transport system in the region.


The project contributed to solving the above problem situations by proposing Master plan for the introduction of an integrated passenger transport system in northern Croatia, which  offers optimal model of passenger transport in the area.

  • The Master Plan  developed the technical bases necessary for the establishment of 
  • integrated passenger transport, common tariffs and common ticketing in the area 
  • Master Plan also provided sutions for linking public transport in cities and municipalities
  • within the county, county indicate connectivity with neighboring regions,
  • particularly the city of Zagreb and border regions in neighboring countries
  • Special attention has been given to commuting elementary and high school students and workers as well as connections to public transport with the simplest forms of mobility such as cycling and walking
  • The master plan is developed for the period 2015-2027, with special emphasis on
  • period of 2016 to 2020
  • The value of projects that would cover the Master Plan is estimated at 80 to 100
  • million EUR.


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