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Integrated transport models with emphasis on car-sharing

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MoVe LIFE94 ENV/D/000030
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Smart mobility and services (SMO)
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To reduce the number of commuting cars, a demonstration project will be launched to:

  • Develop integrated services (MoVe) with the intention of making public transport and ride-sharing more attractive by the flexible use of cars for private purposes or for emergencies.
  • Produce a software and handbook for site-based services for employers.
  • Increase employers' awareness and responsibility for commuting.

The project attempt to change the way commuters use transport by providing attractive alternatives to private cars. The project brings together ride-sharing, car-pooling, van-pooling, taxi services and public transport to offer a flexible full-service mobility system. To co-ordinate such a system requires informatics infrastructure and for this, a PC DOS-based software system is developed. The transfer of experience to work sites is envisaged through a handbook covering the following subjects: implementation of MoVe-services, parking-management, bicycle mobility, tax and legal regulations. Another necessary component is a review of current and upcoming EU environmental legislation, some of which will have a direct impact on mobility to and from work. Another area related to the EU is the integration of the project into urban initiatives like car-free cities.


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European Union
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