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Integrating Satellite DAB, terrestrial cellular technology and EGNOS capabilities to demonstrate real-time wireless navigation and fleet-management services

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Background & Policy context

The overall objective of the project was to demonstrate the technical feasibility of using DAB satellite, terrestrial cellular communications (GSM, GPRS) and EGNOS capabilities for the provision of integrated navigation and fleet-management services.

To achieve this, the project integrates satellite audio and data broadcast, cellular technologies, EGNOS and Wireless Navigation technology capabilities into one prototype receiver. This prototype is then tested in France and Germany with turn-by-turn navigation, traffic information and fleet-management services. The work includes a definition of the user needs, a recommendation for a system architecture, development of terminal and service prototypes and demonstrations.


Specific sub-objectives were: 

  • to validate a fully integrated EGNOS and Satellite Digital Broadcast (S-DB) hardware and services in an in-vehicle environment; 
  • to integrate S-DB, GSM and EGNOS features into one platform suitable for the provision of navigation and fleet services; 
  • to provide new means for improving data reception compared to current systems to ensure better service availability especially in urban canyons, tunnels; 
  • to demonstrate wireless navigation and fleet-management services provided via S-DB and integrating EGNOS positioning; 
  • to assess commercial viability of the service concept for the European market; 
  • to pave the way towards the deployment of Galileo and to propose an EGNOS-GALILEO roadmap; 
  • to pave the way towards the deployment of S-DB.

The project also disseminates widely its results and links with other initiatives related to the satellite technologies. More specifically, the project intended to validate an architecture concept which will pave the way towards the deployment of Galileo and Satellite DAB.


The project addresses the following tasks: 

  • identify the requirements of users, car manufacturers, fleet owners; 
  • define specifications for technical elements, including an overall system architecture and specifications for the interfaces between vehicles and the infrastructure elements; 
  • test the system in a selection of vehicles and terminal platforms in different scenarios and locations across Europe; 
  • establish the technical, organisational and commercial feasibility of the service concept and propose first business plans for each of the organisation involved in the service delivery and operation.


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European Comission, DG Information Society
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Public (EU)


  • lead to a clear definition of the user needs and system requirements;
  • deals with the actual specification of the complete system architecture.

The architecture addresses the following elements:

  • S-DB infrastructure;
  • EGNOS infrastructure;
  • Ground infrastructure;
  • Terminal;
  • Service delivery chain, dedicated to system implementation.

Technical Implications

This involves the development of prototype terminals and services;

The project approach was implemented and trailed in 2 different sites across Europe, France and Germany, leading to validation of prototype systems installed in vehicles; is concerned with the evaluation of the trial results. In a first task the evaluation methodology and the key common indicators have been defined. Each site has gathered the evaluation data. These data has been processed to compile evaluation conclusions.


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