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Integration of material-science based performance models into life-cycle-analysis processed in the frame of pavement management systems

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The overall project objective is to outline an advanced pavement management procedure for asphalt road pavements. Research focuses on the integration of structural parameters and of structural pavement deterioration models in pavement performance prediction accomplished in the frame of pavement management systems (PMS). This shall significantly improve the selection process for maintenance strategies within PMS as well as asphalt pavement design.

Based on performance studies and material investigations on motorway test sections, it is demonstrated, how material-science based parameters can be integrated into the process of performance prediction.

To date, most PMS are based on empiric deterioration models, which do not take into account specific material properties. Maintenance decisions are based on general performance models. Hence, specific choice of material properties, e. g. due to optimized mix design or use of alternative materials, does not affect the results displayed by PMS. Thus, it is impossible to judge specific material settings used for maintenance strategies.

In this project, a procedure shall be drafted that enables impartial management decisions based on comprehensible choice of materials, and of construction and maintenance procedures. New innovative approaches for PMS solutions in relation to the state-of-the-art shall be developed. Inter alia, this project meets research needs for

  • specifying performance models based on material characteristics and structural data,
  • incorporating structural parameters in probabilistic performance prediction models,
  • employing enhanced structural probabilistic prediction models in PMS,
  • and validating probabilistic models and advanced PMS tools on structural data from a test section.


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InteMat4PMS presents an advanced analysis procedure that is able to significantly improve performance prediction modelling for asphalt road pavements. The project outcome shall lead to more appropriate selection of maintenance strategies, in both technical and economic point of view. It has potential for a better performance of asphalt pavements, for an overall improvement in pavement durability and for most cost-effective road maintenance decisions. And it may promote the choice of innovative maintenance and replacement strategies.

The key innovation of InteMat4PMS is the consideration of material and structural pavement properties in pavement performance prediction in the frame of PMS. General EPF can be improved by using information on material and structural pavement properties, and by following up the analysis procedure developed in InteMat4PMS. The needed information is obtained from material testing in the laboratory and from structural performance modelling. As a result, a new performance function is obtained, which represents the specific maintenance option for the relevant road section. This new performance function is based on the original EPF, but takes into account the material and structural pavement properties, and is therefore called ‘Laboratory Calibrated Performance Function’

Within InteMat4PMS it is demonstrated in detail, how a suitable Laboratory Calibrated Performance Function can be derived that considers pavement failure due to bottom-up fatigue cracking. This example may assist in implementing different types of performance prediction models, as the developed procedure can be extended to other distress modes such as (top-down) thermal cracking, reflective cracking or permanent deformation (rutting), always on condition that suitable laboratory analysis is provided. Thus, InteMat4PMS paves the way for further improvements in pavement performance prediction.

The applicability of the new analysis procedure is also tested in InteMat4PMS, considering real data and focusing on fatigue failure and pavement cracking mechanisms. InteMat4PMS provides two demonstration case studies. Based on real data from 2 test road sections, workability of the new approach is practically demonstrated.

A user-friendly manual is provided in the Final Report that may assist in practical application of the new analysis procedure and in extending any commercial PMS software solution.


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