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Intelligent Infrastructure for Modern City

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The proposed project turns street lighting fixtures into multipurpose electronic cells, which can serve for: -collection of traffic data, -data transmission between traffic participants and data centres, -control of city public transport and private passenger and freight transport, -increasing traffic security of traffic and public places. Applied research conducted in the frame of the project will be aimed at new optics for LED lamp and at robust communication infrastructure for lamp-cells.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Public (national/regional/local)


1) Electronic multipurpose unit anyLamp - the modular system anyLamp changes street lamps in the multipurpose electronic cells, which are used for the remote management of lighting, to collect traffic data, to communicate with the public transport vehicles and equipment of stops, and monitoring of public spaces and buildings. It is based on star topology centred on the junction box. The system includes the following modules: 201-101: central processing unit, Ethernet, GSM; 303-111: lamp-control unit; 201-102: power supply and backup battery; 303-120: data concentrator for lampposts; 201-103: 8 x universal I/O; 306-105: communication module for vehicles; 201-109: wireline remote control of instruments; 501-103: remote interface for sensors; 206-111: remote control of lamps, power monitoring; 501-114: bus repeater; 206-120: G3 PLC unit for switchboard; 501-868: radio module.


2) Street lamp StLED-A - luminaire StLED-A is designed primarily for road and street lighting. The unit has an asymmetrical photometric area with wide light intensity distribution, which is achieved by a unique optical system. The luminaire is equipped with high-power LEDs XM-L2 from CREE and is organised modularly. There is an option for 3, 6, 9 or 12 lenses with asymmetric radiation pattern 2x70/2x30. The body is composed of extruded aluminum profile with a rich ribbing. The luminaire can be fitted on a shaft or a boom with diameter 48-60 mm.


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