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Intelligent modules for communications and lighting

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The project is oriented to applied research of novel power LED applications with usage of the two principal LED functions. The first one is lighting and the second equally important is wireless communication among terminal devices (moving objects). The main application area is intelligent modules for automotive industry with development of position lighting and daylight component with integrated optical communication functions among cars and among cars and traffic infrastructure. Another main application area creates intelligent modules for widest applications with usage of integration for both principal functions (lighting and communications) into one device. Several key approaches exist for the solution. Usage of power LED for lighting is the key trend not only for car industry, lighting of interiors and exteriors. The amount of applications that create the content of LED Lighting symposia (3-4 per year) confirms the statement. The quite new approach, that is the content of this project, is the contemporary usage of power LED for lighting and communications among various terminal devices. The two key approaches that belong to high-tech and that will be resolved in this project are: integration of communication and lighting functions of power LED into one device and the split-off the narrow part of optical power LED spectrum and its substitution with communication power LED in the same spectral region. Power LED, their properties and applications create the novel and dynamic developing area which is obvious from the number of publications having their origin in prestigious symposia abroad – SPIE Optics and Photonics (USA), Photonics Europe (Brussels), Security and Defence (USA, Germany), LED Lighting, special journal about LED lighting and others. All the applications using these technologies lead to lowering of energy and material consumptions.


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