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Intermodal Capacity of Links, Segments and Networks (SVI 2004/032)

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Background & Policy context

Given the multimodality of most cities, it is critical to understand their overall capacity; taking into account not only the individual capacity of the multiple modes, but also their interactions.


The objective of this research is to propose a unified methodology to evaluate the aggregated capacity of multimodal networks, including private cars, buses, trams, bicycles and pedestrians.


The goal of this project is to propose a methodology to compute the aggregated capacity of multimodal systems that include private cars, buses, trams, bicycles and pedestrians. The project studied how the throughput/capacity of passengers and vehicles depends on the geometrical and operational characteristics of the network, the level of congestion, and the interactions between different modes.
A methodology to estimate a macroscopic fundamental diagram and network capacity of cities with multiple modes was developed. The analysis was based on realistic macroscopic models of congestion dynamics so as to work with readily available data. It used models consistent with the physics of traffic in Switzerland, and present pragmatic applications, i.e., an example using the inner city of Zürich. For such example two different well established simulation software: VISSIM and MATSim were used.
Based on this project initial SVI guidelines (“Merkblatt”) addressing the calculation of capacity for multi-modal systems were written. The results were relevant for both -  researchers and practitioners. They have a potential to improve transport controll strategies in cities; drive infrastructure investment decisions; and contribute to more efficient and sustainable transport systems all around.


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