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International automotive 79 GHz frequency harmonization initative and worldwide operating vehicular radar frequency standardization platform


International automotive 79 GHz frequency harmonization initative and worldwide operating vehicular radar frequency standardization platform

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European car manufacturer and their supplier are acting on a worldwide level. Segmentation of the overall market by country specific frequency variants increases the cost of production and reduces the competitiveness of the European manufacturers. In parallel this market diversion handicaps the introduction of products which are conform to the already existing European 79 GHz frequency regulation.

This 79 GHz international frequency harmonization and standardization platform will bring all the interested parties together and promotes and accelerates the rule making process for the 79 GHz on an international level. The main focus of this project proposal is, according to the funding instrument chosen, the international coordination of the activities of all the stakeholders concerned.


The basic intention and objective of this FP7 ICT-2011 proposal under the CA (Coordination Action) funding instrument is to establish and speed up the world wide harmonized frequency allocation for automotive radar systems in the frequency range 77 GHz to 81 GHz (79 GHz).


The installation of a networking and communication platform that synchronizes and coordinates the worldwide 79 GHz frequency activities and the provisioning of the meetings with administrations or frequency regulation bodies by appropriate experts and relevant, well-harmonized material and statements are the basic tasks to realize.

This 79 GHz project can be taken as a pilot-project to gather all the necessary information, challenges and needs that are required for setting up the appropriate automotive organisation form to manage, represent and advocate vehicular frequency allocation issues globally. Without the backing of a well-established automotive organisation that can operate and synchronize on a worldwide level the frequency needs and requirements of the automotive industry are insufficiently considered and granted. This 79 GHz project proposal is the first step in this direction.

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European Commission
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Robert Bosch Gmbh

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Renault Represented By Gie Reginov

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Autocruise S.a.s.

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