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ITS Bulgarian Strategy for toll system, traffic management and road safety

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ITS Bulgaria

  • Bulgarian context National Interests
  • Improvement of the Bulgarian Transport System
  • Development of high level traffic management
  • Development of high-tech ITS industry

The role of the road infrastructure for the country

  • implies the meaning of the old Roman maxim “The road is life” The country’s strategic goal
  • achievement of high quality road infrastructure by means of high exploitation and safety criteria


Funding Source
Ministry of Transport in Bulgaria


After analyzing the different options and proposals and on the basis of the research of the German consultant Dornier Consulting several variants for road taxation, corresponding to the EU directives were drawn up.

First option:

Toll charge (electronic or toll booth system) for all types motor vehicles on defined roads – about 2500 - 4500 km from 2010 to 2011. Vignettes abolish for all categories of motor vehicles with the implementation of the toll system.

The use of the remaining road network is going to be free of charge, only the excise duty will remain and will be allocated in state budget for maint enance, repairs and reconstruction of this part of road network.

Second option

– stage-by-stage realization of Option 1: implementation of toll fees by 3 stages: Stage 1: Toll charges are going to be enforced in the middle of 2009 or the beginning of 2010 for the main road network, about 1500 km. highways and 900 km. roads first class – only for motor vehicles more than 12 tones, which are about 400 – 500 thousand and which will pay charge only for mileage (without vignette).

Stage 2: Toll charges are going to be enforced in 2010 for about 250 – 300 thousand motor vehicles more than 3,5 tones and for another 500 km roads, 50 km. highways, and 450 km. first class roads.

Stage 3: Toll charges are going to be enforced in 2010 for motor vehicles under 3,5 tones. Vignettes abolish for all categories of motor vehicles with the implementation of the toll system. Toll charges will be determined by the concessionaire in accordance with the state.

Third option – the vignettes remain and the Government compensates the concessionaire of the highway for the passing vehicles. This option is not advantageous for the country. The collected fees would not even cover the compensations paid to the concessionaire of Trakia Highway.

In all of the three options there should be taxes for liquid fuels as part of the excise, which will be directed to the construction, repair and maintenance of the Republican and Municipal roads.


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