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LoMaCro + Local Marketplace for Crowddelivery +


LoMaCro + Local Marketplace for Crowddelivery +
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LoMaCro+ Lokaler Marktplatz für Crowddelivery+


Still, the basic advantage of stationary retailers over online warehouses remains its immediate availability. Relative to my position products are always "just around the corner." LoMaCro+ is a proposal of multi-channel marketing that logically connects means of communication with means of distribution. In a first step, the diversity of local products is collected by using an easy-to-use API into a single online marketplace "Lokaler Marktplatz."

Customers can access the Lokaler Marktplatz via a smartphone APP. This provides a high degree of visibility for small scale businesses otherwise retained by large online warehouses. The same APP is used to organize a robust logistics system the "Crowd+", consisting of bike messenger services and a crowd-delivery solution of layperson drivers. Professional messengers or the crowd deliver products up to 100 kg.

The result is an affordable, flexible logistics system as part of local stationary retailers that is faster, CO2 neutral and avoids any particulate matter. By the innovative integration of retailers and logistic service LoMaCro+ contributes to strengthen local business, to uphold the ideals of the European city and providing eco-friendly delivery. Our local retail partners are part from the conception to the development and provide a prestigious platform for the use cases. Empirical research in Living Labs secures, parallel to the experimental development, that the result will be close to market needs and productive for social city live.

The result is a sustainable, urban logistics concept that contributes by to local social and cultural heritage by strengthening the city centers.

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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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MdZ - 5. Ausschreibung 2014
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Evolaris Next Level Gmbh

Hugo-Wolf-Gasse 8
8010 Graz
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En Garde Interdisciplinary Gmbh

Lendplatz 40
8020 Graz

Fuhrwerk Logistik Gmbh

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 54
8010 Graz

Mitteregger, Di Dr. Mathias


Technische Universitat Wien Department Fur Raumplanung

Augasse 2-6
1090 Wien
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