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Maglev-Derived Systems for Rail

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€1 499 328
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STRIA Roadmaps
Infrastructure (INF)
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Passenger transport


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Background & Policy context

Europe’s rail networks are at a crossroads, facing challenges of efficiency, sustainability and safety. With this in mind, the EU-funded MaDe4Rail project is exploring innovative maglev-derived systems (MDSs). This ambitious endeavour aims to evaluate the feasibility of introducing MDS to Europe and enhancing rail transport's sustainability and efficiency, while fostering knowledge exchange among a diverse group of experts. Furthermore, MaDe4Rail will conduct risk analysis, standardise safety and security measures, and assess the economic feasibility of integrating MDS into Europe's mobility network. The development of a European roadmap and the creation of MDS vehicle subsystem concepts and prototypes are also on the agenda.


The MaDe4Rail project aims to explore non-traditional and emerging maglev-derived systems (MDS) and to evaluate the technical feasibility and effectiveness to introduce MDS in Europe under safety aspects and technical-economic performance.
Identification and benchmarking of the different maglev-derived technologies for transportation systems and their state of development, definition of a common architecture and specification of the subsystems and technologies needed for its commercialization are expected in the MaDe4Rail Project. Moreover, a risk analysis and identification of needs for standardization on safety and security in operations of MDS will be performed. Also, the assessment of the technical and economic feasibility to introduce these systems into the common European mobility network will be implemented as well as the development of a European roadmap for the possible future implementation of MDS. Lastly, the design of the concept for an MDS vehicle subsystem and a prototype of a sample vehicle for a European use case are foreseen in this project.
The MaDe4Rail project is expected to have significant impacts such as contributing to the development of MDS, promoting more sustainable passenger and freight transport and initiating a path towards the reinforcement of railway as the backbone of a multimodal, sustainable and efficient mobility network by possibly, upgrading the existing railway lines/facilities through the adoption of a maglev-derived technology. Moreover, the project fosters information exchange and growth and diffusion of knowledge.
MaDe4Rail brings together a multidisciplinary group of experts from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of competences and expertise that would contribute to the success of the project such as Infrastructure Managers, Transport Authorities, Engineering and Consultancy Companies, Technological Developers and Research Centers and Universities.


Specific funding programme
HORIZON.2.5 - Climate, Energy and Mobility
HORIZON.2.5.8 - Smart Mobility
Other Programme
HORIZON-ER-JU-2022-FA7-02 Technological development of Maglev-derived Systems


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EU Contribution
€116 214
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€299 781
EU Contribution
€14 470
EU Contribution
€118 220
EU Contribution
€151 335
EU Contribution
€43 908
EU Contribution
€134 995
EU Contribution
€115 150
EU Contribution
€299 781
EU Contribution
€5 811
EU Contribution
€154 873
EU Contribution
€33 772
EU Contribution
€7 500
EU Contribution
€67 000
EU Contribution
€125 484
EU Contribution
€110 813


Technology Theme
Infrastructure management
Railway technological infrastructure

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