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Maidstone Initiative for Sustainable Transport

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LIFE93 ENV/UK/003227
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Background & Policy context

There is increasing concern throughout the EU over the environmental impacts of transport, particularly road traffic, in terms of noise, visual intrusion and air pollution. At a local level, there are generally concerns about the environmental impact of transport but also the economic implications of addressing these impacts. This project will allow different transportation techniques to be tested and measures implemented to reduce road traffic pressures and promote alternative means of transport to the private car whilst maintaining the town's commercial vitality. 


The aim of the MIST project was to demonstrate whether a mix of environmental and commercial objectives could be achieved through an integrated management structure involving a public and private sector partnership. The project required a cooperative and innovative approach involving local authorities, the business community and local passenger transport operators. The findings from this project will be particularly relevant to other towns throughout Europe which are medium sized (population approximately 100,000), subject to peak hour traffic congestion, and attempting to manage transport whilst taking account of commercial implications.

The objectives set initially related to a reduction in private commuter car traffic, an increase in the share of public transport , a self-sufficient local public transport network, and a maintained or enhanced level of commercial vitality. Targets for the reduction of CO2 and other pollutants were set.


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