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Maintenance management for electro-mechanic equipment (VSS1998/080)

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Background & Policy context

For the time being concerned the research with the assessment of the recent using the indicators in the EMS, the experiences of the canton of Basel were at the forefront. It was noted that the previous status assessment using empirical characteristic quantities (technical and physical parameters, environmental conditions, statistical values) for the majority of EM equipment is a correct and proper assessment  tool. However, it is for each EM system a system-specific set of characteristic values gained in close cooperation with supplier and operational staff, universal characteristic values do not exist. Through continuous acquisition of characteristic quantities and their graphical representation and working up an empirical condition assessment of high significance is possible.


The main objective is a definition of electro-mechanical and electronic equipment relevant to the state judging physical characteristic values.


Characteristic elements for maintenance, maintenance control and monitoring, typical maintenance procedures, evaluation of system condition, Markow procedures


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The relevance of the characteristic quantities will be discussed at the level "System Street" and the plane "EM-conditioning". It is shown that only inputs that take into account all aspects of the "system road" are relevant and lead on the condition assessment to viable decisions. System Street relevant characteristic values can be seen also from  another point of view - the methods of reliability theory can be applied for certain EM systems, especially electronic. This statistical reliability assessment is possible. The modelling of a system with Markow processes is possible, especially for simply structured systems or parts of EM systems. The advantage of a computational model is that optimized maintenance strategies are  based on the calculated availability and hence may be more cost-effective. Using the example of a UPS system this thesis is made concrete in terms of reliability assessment.


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