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MAximizing the UPscaling and replication potential of high level urban transformation strategies

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€19 435 802
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€17 418 339
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STRIA Roadmaps
Smart mobility and services (SMO)
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Background & Policy context

The MAtchUP project deploys and demonstrates innovative solutions in the energy, mobility and ICT sectors in three so-called lighthouse cities (Antalya, Dresden and Valencia), and four so-called follower cities (Herzliya, Kerava, Ostend and Skopje).


The objective is to develop a strong and replicable planning process for urban transformation, by means of substantially improved models for replication and upscaling, based on impact evaluation, and ensuring the bankability of the solutions by means of innovative business models. It will lead to realising a real deployment, going beyond pilots carried out in the lighthouse cities.

In addition to the extensive demonstration activities, the project creates an open data framework to foster the rise of new small businesses focusing on the provisioning of new added-value services in the ICT, mobility and energy sectors. The designed solutions allow achieving smart districts and buildings, very efficient energy infrastructures and sustainable and clean transport. Rigorous procedures are implemented to analyse the relevant technical, social and financial issues.


The project results will be achieved by working in parallel in demonstration and upscaling/replication levels. Its key focus are the monitoring and validation phases and the development of rigorous upscaling and replication plans that could serve as the basis for updating the existing city plans, such as sustainable mobility plans, digital agendas, etc. In the medium term, it will favour the implementation of the proposed technologies in those cities that less prepared to adopt very innovative solutions and formalise them in standard commitments and implementation plans.


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