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MEDiterranean Information Traffic Application

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Background & Policy context

Port of Livorno and Interporto Toscano, with collaboration started in TEN-T project MOS4MOS, started an experimentation of a Cargo Community System that, using low cost technologies like passive R-FID UHF, can speed up the process of access control and data acquisition on the goods.


The project focuses on technology transfer of the iTPass system, already tried and tested by Interporto Toscano: with this system is possible to know goods flow with a specific detail in terms of origin/destination of each vehicle, typology and quantities transported by individual vectors. 


iTPass system provides a valuable tool for the automatic access control (personnel and cargo carriers) able to track goods and vehicles passing through Interporto Toscano. These data are hosted on web portal. The tracking technologies will be selected according to the context:

Passive R-FID UHF systems for the land-side, ports and inland terminals
web platform for sharing information between members of MEDITA project.

In order to control this process, the central subject will be represented by a Certification Authority (CA) charged to validate the R-FID tag. The data exchange between the various operators will be protected by protocols released by a CA. Once a single transport operator has inserted the own vehicle in the system, this will be able to ensure the safety and reliability of the data shared among the various platforms.

The project proposes a system of preferential access to the gate through a technology of tag RFID identification (passive UHF). The system can be realised in different ways:

  • crossbars automatic opening after tag reading (recommended) 
  • control of license plate declared or registered with cameras installed close to the gate lanes 
  • generation of an electric (caretaker's lodge) or computer alarm (server) that activate manual opening of the crossbars.

The system will ensure the storage of all time-series produced and will include a specific process able to analyse such data and deliver proper reports: analysis of delays, flows. The idea is to support operators to improve systems' performances. An example of MED.I.T.A. system:

  • an operator decides to send goods from X to Y and sends the request to enable a tag from those previously provided through a secure transmission system 
  • CA enables remote tag placed inside the vehicle or on container closure (seal) and sends to each partner information on the O/D of vehicle and goods transported, including estimated crossing time of each logistics area involved in every single frame 
  • the vehicle, passing in each gate, will send a notification to the system that will be made available to any operator involved in shipping logistics 
  • the system will notify the current position to all operators. 

The presence of R-FID gates will enable to keep track of boarding, landing real-time plans and predict arrivals in Y -seal of container (if present) passing the gate will communicate to the system if it was violated or not


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2007 - 2013 Programme MED


Medita community is growing is appealing to private stakeholders and the platform delivered in the project framework is fully operative online.


It is time to think about a follow up and on a major application of it. Now it has been tested for Ro-Ro and container traffic but a new project proposal is under preparation and it will take into consideration different mode of transport and analyse different application of the system.


Discover Meditracknet platform The web platform for real-time tracking of logistic vehicles explained in two videos:


How do you use Meditracknet: 


What is Meditracknet:


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