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Mediterranean Intermodal Transit

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Ports in the Southern Mediterranean area play a key role in freight transportation, acting as the main gateways to the mainland. Their significant placement in the freight supply chain triggered the idea for an integrated management of the ports’ freight operations along with the provision and support of intermodal and multimodal services to transport operators (sea, road and rail).

The main objective of the project is to promote intermodality and interregional cooperation in the 6 participant sites through the development and testing of an innovative e-platform that will provide all necessary information (departures/arrivals, capacities, transit availability etc.) to all interested parties (cargo shipping companies, road and rail cargo operators etc.).

Information provided will promote the use of intermodal or multimodal services in order to expand productivity, efficiency and transit capacity usage. The proposed platform will be based on state-of-the-art ICT and telematics cargo services and will be integrated to all the participant sites in order to provide intercommunication and all the necessary interfaces to the transport logistics operators. Such an approach will promote regional development, as well as robust interregional, cross-border and transnational cooperation. Furthermore, it will raise the need of such an approach on freight transport, promoting the e-Freight concept, in association with low environmental impact, while disseminating its results to public policy level.


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2007 - 2013 Programme MED


TRANSit project is designed in order to tackle the renewed focus of intermodal freight transportation which is driven by the changing requirements of global supply chains and technological evolution of all transportation modes (sea, air, road & rail).

Initial activities of the project focused on analyzing the needs of all actors in the freight supply chain (i.e. brokers, shippers, forwarders) and also document technologies and procedures that all actors use in order to efficiently operate and fulfill their mission. Furthermore, an online platform for enhancing the optimization of trade-offs between all the components of supply chains as well as between the service and cost aspects of the intermodal modes within them, has been developed.

The project ended on March 2012 but additional dissemination activities such as update of project website, presentation of the project in external events and dissemination activities beyond project's application form will be implemented.


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