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Methods and specific values for the estimation of effects on transport demand (SVI 2014/005)

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The aim of the project is to undertake a comprehensive assessment of processes for the estimation of traffic demand for all means of transport, and to propose a suitable set of instruments for Switzerland. In addition, mobility parameters, which exist for typical applications and on which these estimation processes are based, shall be collated, assessed and improved in terms of quality. The project’s outputs shall include a manual for traffic-related potential analysis to be used in planning and an electronic data collection of the surveyed and recommended parameters.


The adopted approach differentiates between the calculation processes and underlying parameters.
Based on the definition of key applications for demand analyses with the advisory committee, the project will initially involve systematic research on the estimation processes used in Switzerland and abroad. The estimation processes will be evaluated regarding their suitability for Switzerland. Product sheets will be designed providing an overview of different processes and the areas of application, and will facilitate a proposal for a suitable set of instruments.
The required parameters from Switzerland and neighbouring European countries will be collated, evaluated and incorporated into a data collection. The improvement of parameters with considerable margins for fluctuation, particularly modal split, constitutes the core of the project. Regression functions, traffic models and microcensus data will be used to generate parameters for areas, in which there are no suitable or model data for demand analyses.
The database will be updated with the improved parameters and made available to practising planners along with a methodological report. A manual will clearly convey the possibilities offered by traffic-related demand analysis. Finally, recommendations will be made regarding the measures necessary to enable the establishment of a broadly accepted, universally accessible and spatially transferable estimation process.


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