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Midtjysk motorway - Strategic analysis - recalculations of national transport model

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Background & Policy context

In Jutland works the motorway E45 as the backbone of the Jutland roads. The highway serves local, regional and international traffic flows and provides access to the Jutland airports and ports.

In large parts of the E45's traffic more than doubled over the past 20 years, which has led to congestion on several places especially around Kolding, Vejle, Århus and
Aalborg. Therefore, there has for some years been calling attention the possibility of building a new supplementary highway corridor through Midtjylland.

If the establishment of a central Jutland motorway will significantly help to reduce some of the capacity problems. This is especially true in Kolding and Vejle.
In addition, a central Jutland motorway generate more traffic in Central, Western and Southern Jutland. Traffic will be distributed out to the major cities and help to create greater mobility in large parts of Jutland.


The objective of the project is to provide the analysis of four main scenarios corridor A, B, B + and C.  


Funding Source
Transport-, Bygnings- og Boligministeriet


Based on traffic calculations with national transport model following results can be summarized:

  • Traffic on a central Jutland motorway is greatest in parts of corridor A and C. This is because these corridors have a conflict with existing highways where there is already dense traffic.
  • The relief of the E45 route 13 is highest in corridor B +, while corridor C especially will relieve the south part of Route 13
  • A central Jutland motorway will reduce travel time in large parts of Jutland. Travel time savings are greatest in corridor A, B and B + and a minimum of corridor C.
  • All corridors have a positive socioeconomic return. Corridor A provides the highest internal interest rate (9 per cent) and net profit per public investment crown due to lower construction costs. Corridor B + provides the highest net present value.
  • The biggest economic profitability is achieved at full development of central Jutland motorway. 
  • The relief of E45 will be greatest in "ends" and at least in the middle between Aarhus and Vejle.
  • The relief of E45 comes first full when the central Jutland motorway is built. There will be stretches on the E45 that will have critical congestion before a central Jutland motorway will be built.
  • Congestion problems on E45 will not be solved with a central Jutland motorway but only postponed for a number of years.


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