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Mobile Evacuation Floating Platform with Research Position Functions

Mobile Evacuation Floating Platform with Research Position Functions
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Mobilna Ewakuacyjna Platforma Pływająca z Funkcjami Stanowiska Badawczego


The purpose of the project is to build a floating platform to evacuate people from the floodplain. The platform will allow analysis of the suitability of the adopted concept of evacuation from flood areas. The analysis concerns both the physical model and the logistics of the rescue operation.


Key Results: 

The floating platform prototype has been probed and has allowed to navigate the floodplains and shallow beards, identify and effectively coordinate rescue operations in the field.

The proposed floating vehicle (sliding on the water surface) belongs to unconventional objects. It is designed for tasks carried out by the police, rescue services, fire brigade, border guards, crisis management centers and the military.


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Politechnika Warszawska

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