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Modelica library of detailed magnetic effects in rotating machinery

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€180 496
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The project intended to develop a new Electric Machine Modelica Library with improving functionalities for an accurate design and simulation of motors and generators.

New Externally Excited Synchronous Machines, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM and BLDC) and Asynchronous Induction Machines (IM) models in Modelica language including spatial harmonics and nonlinear saturation behaviour, as well as improved thermal model for the thermal evaluation of the machine, were the main objectives of the proposed project, together new software tools with GUIs for guided model design from geometric motor considerations and torque and power demand profiles.

Generalized space phasor theory to m phases with arbitrary spatial angle of the coils, and arbitrary number of windings and winding factor of the coils were considered for the new Library. Constructive harmonics and distortions of flux couplings are taken into account as well.

Also, non-linearity due to saturation and skin-effect on the resistances are considered in updated libraries. Moreover, thermal models able to calculate hotspots and asymmetric windings temperature distribution from the thermal losses into the machine are included in the Library.

A graphical guided Interface for directing the modelling of machines was included in the project.


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European Commission
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Public (EU)
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JTI-CS - Joint Technology Initiatives - Clean Sky
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JTI-CS-2013-1-SGO-02-065 Modelica library of detailed magnetic effects in rotating machinery


Executive Summary:

MAGMOLIB was a project developed under the Topic SGO-02-065 of Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative, the Public-Private Partnership between the European Commission and the EU Aeronautical industry. The project has been developed by MCIA Center, at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Gaia Building, Campus UPC Terrassa, Spain).

General objective of the project was to design and develop Modelica® libraries of rotating electric machinery with detailed magnetic effects and non-ideal flux coupling.

MAGMOLIB comprised two main goals. First the elaboration of pre-design and sizing tool for a wide range of types of electrical motors: IM, SMPMSM, IPM family, SRM and Synchronous. Until date no pre-design tool is available in commercial software with such a wide range of machines and able to perform a simple, quick and accurate pre-design including efficiency maps, sections, fail-conditions and possible design solutions.

Second a multi-physics (electrical, magnetic, thermal) model of a SMPMSM based on reluctance networks and thermal lumped parameters. By means of thermo-reluctance network a detailed thermo-electro-magnetic dynamics taking into account discrete distribution of windings, stator and rotor slotting, magnetic steel saturation, skewing, demagnetization and non sinusoidal currents can be modelled. Therefore spatial and time harmonics in the magnetic flux distribution and torque ripples will be reflected in the great level of precision, providing a singular, realistic, computationally efficient equivalent circuit model which virtually facilitates the enhancement of classic control and diagnosis strategies and paves the way for the new ones.

At the end of the project, they have been implemented in Modelica® the Basic Predesign Motor Tool and a rich featured SMPMSM Reluctance & Thermal model that is compatible with the pre-design tool. Both motor pre-design and Multy-physics modelling were validated against FEM Simulation and experimental testing in a Mechatronics Laboratory,

The validation performed goes from validation of Modelica®’s Code, final predesign modelling, complete reluctance & thermal network validation and comparative results of Modelica®’s models and real experimental data obtained from a manufactured motor as design performed.

As a conclusion, MAGMOLIB contributes to the goals of SGO by means of stablishing a motor design tool for early systems design phase as well as establishing a library with detailed magnetic effects of and non-ideal flux coupling.


Lead Organisation
Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya
Calle Jordi Girona 31, 8034 Barcelona, Spain
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EU Contribution
€180 496
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Aircraft design and manufacturing
Aircraft design model
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